Karen L. Colussi Foundation

In the fall of 1979, three mothers decided they would like to see a Montessori school continued to the elementary level. From these discussions, ideas grew, meetings were held, and work began. The founding mothers became the founding families, as everyone hoped. The Pacific Montessori Society grew, in part, from two other Montessori preschools in the city - Island Montessori House and St. Christopher's. Both these schools offered moral support but felt it should be regarded as a new venture.

In 1980, the school opened in an annex on the Oaklands Elementary School grounds.

The Karen L. Colussi Foundation was formed in 1993 to carry out Karen's vision of a new, purpose built, state of the art facility that would serve the needs of parents and the community at large.

Before her death from breast cancer in 1998, Karen saw the ground broken for the present Selkirk Montessori School.

The Foundation exists to preserve Karen's legacy, to promote, foster and encourage the development and expansion of Montessori programs at the preschool, elementary and secondary level, to provide a medium for gifts, donations, bequests and endowments and to sponsor and support events and programs that promote the aims and objectives of the Pacific Montessori Society.

The Pacific Montessori Society operates the Selkirk Montessori School in a facility at 2970 Jutland Rd., Victoria, B.C., Canada. This Society leases the building from the Karen L. Colussi Foundation.

The Annex at Oaklands School. Image courtesy of BC Archives collections.

The Annex at Oaklands School. Image courtesy of BC Archives collections. 

A Tribute to George Fletcher

George Fletcher who passed away on the 25th of March, 2023.

George (better known as “Fletch”) was associated with the school since September, 1981 when his and Faye’s daughter, aged four, became a student at the Pacific Montessori School at Oaklands. He became an active, participating parent throughout his daughter’s eight years there, with Kris graduating from Grade Seven in 1989. Like so many parents following that mid-eighties foyer/library fire, Fletch really pitched-in to help the school get going again. He remained as advisor on the school’s ways and means committee for years to follow and helped to co-ordinate the various venues and activities structured to raise additional funds for the school.

In June, 2007 Fletch joined the Board of the Karen L. Colussi Foundation where he acted as Secretary. In addition to this his experience as a mortgage broker proved invaluable in the negotiations for renewal of the school mortgage. He was always such a positive presence on the Board, cheerful yet efficient and ever caring of the school which meant so much to his family. He will be greatly missed. 

Our thoughts are with his wife Faye, his daughter Kris, Rob and family.