Board Directors

Current Board Members

The Karen L. Colussi Foundation is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers, all of whom have had a long association with the school and continue to support the society in its endeavours.

Angela Justice, President, is a retired hospital administrator who was a parent at the school for many years, and who served on the board of the school society and as chair of school committees.

Shane Birley is a graduate of the Selkirk Montessori School and is a partner in Left Right Minds Initiatives, a web development company.

Linda Birley, a supplemental school educator, has been a member of the school society board almost from its inception, and has served in various capacities including fund raising and treasurer.

Lock Fulton, a former student of the Selkirk Montessori School, who joined the board in 2015.

Todd Molyneux, a former Montessori student, who joined the board in 2016. He is a father of two young children and works at Butchart's Gardens.

Past Board Members

George Fletcher was one of the original members of the school community at a time when the school was housed on the Oaklands schools grounds. His daughter graduated from the school in 1988.

Rob Lapper was a legal advisor to the school society and the foundation board for almost the entire history of the school. 

David Colussi was the original chair of the school society board. 

Bob Stouwer served as a financial advisor to the school society and the foundation board.